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How did it know?

How did it know I was cheating lol. When I couldn't find it or didn't feel like finding it I hit tab enter tab enter tab enter until it found the right onw for me, and I ended the game with -103 points lol. But the game was well worth it because I received pie as a reward.

Chaz-o responds:

Cheater :P


Nice job

First off I'd like to say that was a sweet game. I really enjoyed playing it over and over again. Making different patterns and what not.

But i have to say how do you get in the high scores??
Twice in a row I beat it on insane and got the same score both times 6989, i wonder what points are even based on because I don't see how i could get another 600 points when I only let about 6 guys go by in the first place.

Apart from that its a nice game and I can't wait to see the next one.

My favorite tactic:
I like to make a pattern that they weave around using only basic paperclips I beat it on insane with nothing but paperclips and calculators. Otherwise I go for stapler and rulers too but I don't really like cellphones.


For some reason I LOVE IT!!! Probably because I am #1 in the highscores as of the day it came out, codename: A RETARD.

Suggestions: Make it count down like 3,2,1 before you start, because you just start as out of nowhere, and if you make a second one make like difficulty levels with maybe extra lives for the easey difficulty level or something, nice job.

Question about Easter Egg

I'm not positive on this one, but I think you can view your score as it goes anyway under your account somewhere. I'm pretty sure I've done it before, but I forget how.

Otherwise nice explanation of everything there is to newgrounds

highwatermark responds:

I don't think that's possible (anymore). You can see the review score (what you were talking about?), but not the voting.

Not bad

The game isn't too bad, but it is way to easy to cheat. You can hit the ball on the other players side and you can hit the ball twice, so the computer has no clue what happens. I beat him every time :) . Otherwise, if you plan to make a second one make like more lvls or more difficulty levels or something and work out some of the bugs that would really help your score, and be a fun game.

Not to bad

That was quite great and I actually really liked it. I suggest making things like heal packs in the level because that would be cool and Make like a life limit I would like to see some stuff like that if you ever decide to make a second one.

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It was great just i reccomend like a hard mode and stuff cause it is actually quite easy

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samUK2005 responds:

that would be good, yeh. Thanks 4 the feedback! :)


It is a fun game just because it is addicting but, I can't get past the second girl

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this rocks

how to i beat the huge FBI boss thingy

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