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Not much too it

Not much I can say except please if your only submitting that to the website try reducing the file size. Compress the sound file take a tutorial or something its really easy trust me.

docgraf1 responds:

Eehh Ill keep it how it is. the intro id the most


For some reason it wouldn't play the entire movie for me, it kept looping the intro i had to glitch it to see the actual movie, you might want to fix that if other people get that same problem.

It was ok

I don't really have much to say except fix the spelling errors. One i remember was you spelled it realy instead of really.

M-Kudas responds:

I did not worry too much about spelling. Besides if you have ever played WoW it's full of them every where you go with a party :)


I just read about this in the forums lol. And like I said last time its not a bad flash, but it is too short.

Trying to be serious

Sorry but I think this was the first madness that wasn't a step forward. In last one, you had better graphics and effects I think. You also didn't completely stick with the story line with the sheriff and the jesus dude. I also hated the "to be continued" part, but who wouldn't. Then lastly I didn't like how you didnt come up with a creative pre-loader this time :( , It was the plain newgrounds one. Even though I may be the only one to think this, but I think this one wasn't done to the best of your potential.

No offense to anyone.

It was nice graphics and stuff, but too short to ever get an actual point across.

Great Graphics

I loved the graphics and this seemed really interesting, but its too short. It was really short. I like everything that you did with this just next time submit one that is long enough to do good.


It was great and I can't wait for the next one. The only thing that i reccomend is that you create a way to skip scenes or something cause that would be cool. Otherwise it was hilarious and very cool!!!

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What the hell this isn't that good!!!!!!!!!
I vote a 3 and it should deserve a 3 how did it get such a high rating?

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It was interesting for like 10 seconds

IT stinks not any action, and it definetly needs to say "play" for where the "play" button is, because it took me a while to find it lol.

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